Nisyros Architecture

Small and peaceful, Nisyros gives the visitor the impression of a forgotten place yet the local energy lies hidden beneath the ground with its active volcano and uncanny landscape. The architecture of Nisyros is known for the whitewashed houses and the blue shutters, the pebbled squares, the Medieval Castle and the lovely monastery. Narrow cobbled streets follow the unique landscape creating small or large paths for resting and talking. The picturesque squares are embraced by the beautiful Italian and whitewashed houses, churches, and some Greek "kafenia" where locals gather during the day.

The island's fascinating architecture is influenced by the Venetian culture which is still featured in many parts of Nisyros. The Venetians enhanced the defensive character with the foundation of some castles located in Mandraki and Emporios.

Equally interesting monuments of that time are the picturesque settlements themselves with the beautiful white painted houses that reach the sea and the lovely Byzantine churches spread out among them in the island. The typical local houses have two floors and are often similar to each other with lovely pebbled yards and a lovely interior decoration with the local embroideries of Nisyros.

Nisyros island is beautifully illustrated with a plethora of traditional buildings, Venetian forts, and monasteries. The island is blessed with a rich variety of rocks, coming from the volcano and a marvelous natural environment that make the island a paradise for every visitor.

Visitors can enjoy their stay in many of the traditional hotels that have respected the traditional architecture.