Nisyros Geography

Nisyros is a small island of the Dodecanese that lies in the eastern Aegean Sea, very close to the coasts of Turkey. It is geographically located between Tilos and Kos and belongs to the complex of Dodecanese. Most beaches of Nisyros are located on the northern side, which is the best developed. On the southern side of Nisyros, there is Drakospilia, a beautiful and isolated cave.

The geography of Nisyros is characterized by its amazing volcanic features. The most famous geographical feature of Nisyros is the volcano, strongly connected to the history of the island. Located in the center of the island, a narrow path through pine trees and short vegetation leads to the caldera. Surrounded by high mountains, the Volcano impresses with the steaming craters and the intense smell of sulfur. The atmosphere is very hot. The biggest crater is Stefanos, 30 meters deep and with an ellipsoid shape.

Nisyros is mostly a mountainous island and its sides offer a gorgeous view of the volcano and the sea. The highest peak is Prophet Elias, in the center of Nisyros, with an altitude of 698 meters. The beautiful nature of Nisyros is crossed by narrow paths and the island is ideal for trekking.

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