Kalymnos Geography

Kalymnos is located south of Leros, southeast of Kos and west of the Turkish coasts. This Dodecanese island is surrounded by a great number of small islets, among them, the most known is Glaronisia and Pserimos. It is one of the dense-populated islands in Greece with a total population of 21,000 people.

Many of the inhabitants are involved in sponge fishing, a profitable activity that has made Kalymnos famous and economically independent throughout its history. The soil of the island is mainly rocky with small valleys that expand for 109 square kilometers.

The geography of Kalymnos is characterized for its mountainous features which form a unique landscape and a fascinating view of the sea. The mountains of Kalymnos are barren and the highest peak is Profitis Ilias which rises at the center of the island (760m). The coasts of Kalymnos are quite steep and secluded forming many capes, coves, and ports.

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