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1st International Biennale

Jul 01, 2012 — Sep 30, 2012 • Cyclades, Santorini
The organizing team of the Santorini Biennale of Arts has the pleasure to announce the 1st International Biennale of Santorini that will take place on the island from August 1st till September 30th, 2012, while some parallel events have already started since July 1st.
Posted on Jul 04, 2012 Category: Events

Megaron Gyzi Festival 2011

Aug 01, 2011 — Aug 23, 2011 • Cyclades, Santorini
This year's schedule for 2011 has been announced and it includes many interesting events, such as painting exhibitions and music concerts. It lasts from August 1st-23rd.
Posted on Jun 20, 2011 Category: Events

Meeting of cycling club

Dec 12, 2010 — Dec 12, 2010 • Cyclades, Santorini
On Sunday December 12th, 11.30 a.m., the members of Santorini Cycling Club will meet again in Perissa, at the end of the coastal road, right beneath Ancient Thera.
Posted on Dec 10, 2010 Category: Events

Ifestia Festival 2010

Aug 28, 2010 — Aug 28, 2010 • Cyclades, Santorini
This year, the Ifestia Festival that takes place every August to celebrate the end of summer will be held on Saturday, August 28th.
Posted on Aug 02, 2010 Category: Events

Raki Festival 2009

Sep 12, 2009 — Sep 12, 2009 • Cyclades, Santorini
For the third year on the row, the Arkadi Association of Cretans in Santorini organizes a raki festival for its members, the residents of the island and any visitor who wants to take part.
Posted on Sep 07, 2009 Category: Events

Ifestia Festival 2009

Aug 16, 2009 — Aug 16, 2009 • Cyclades, Santorini
Ifestia Festival, one of the most impressive festivals on the island of Santorini Greece, will take place this year on the evening of August 16th.
Posted on Aug 12, 2009 Category: Events

Discover the pales of white color

Aug 09, 2009 — Sep 27, 2009 • Cyclades, Santorini
A painting exhibition about the pale shade of white color will be presented till the end of September in Bellonio Centre, Fira Santorini.
Posted on Jul 31, 2009 Category: Events

Megaro Gyzi Festival 2009

Aug 01, 2009 — Aug 23, 2009 • Cyclades, Santorini
Painting Exhbitions, Musical Concerts and Shadow Theatre are combined this year in the Megaro Gyzi Festival 2009 that takes place in August.
Posted on Jun 19, 2009 Category: Events

Cooking courses from Wild Serendipity

Apr 08, 2009 — Apr 08, 2009 • Cyclades, Santorini
Cooking Classes under the sunset will be given to Santorini on April 8th by Michelle Zimmer, onwer of the famous company Wild Serendipity.
Posted on Feb 24, 2009 Category: Events

Meeting about the Experiment in CERN

Dec 17, 2008 — Dec 17, 2008 • Cyclades, Santorini
The Laboratorial Centre of Physical Sciences of Santorini is organizing a meeting on Wednesday, December 17th, in the Bellonio Cultural Foundation about the pioneer expirement that is currently taking place in CERN.
Posted on Dec 16, 2008 Category: Events

Christmas Bazaar in Fira central square

Dec 13, 2008 — Dec 13, 2008 • Cyclades, Santorini
The 2nd and 3rd Nursery School of Santorini are organizng a Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, December 13th, at noon. The bazaar will take place in the central square of Fira village.
Posted on Dec 10, 2008 Category: Events

Israeli film in the Cinema Club

Dec 13, 2008 — Dec 13, 2008 • Cyclades, Santorini
On Saturday, December 13th, the Cinema Club of Santorini presents the movie The Lemon Tree. The film performance is held in Boutari Winery, Megalochori village, at 8:45 p.m.
Posted on Dec 09, 2008 Category: Events

Korean movie in the Cinema Club

Dec 06, 2008 — Dec 06, 2008 • Cyclades, Santorini
The Cinema Club of Santorini is presenting on December 6th the Korean movie Time, which deals with the vanity of people and the superficial of modern relationships.
Posted on Dec 03, 2008 Category: Events

New movie presented by the Cinema Club

Nov 29, 2008 — Nov 29, 2008 • Cyclades, Santorini
The Romanian movie 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days will be presented on Saturday, November 29th, by the Cinema Club of Santorini.
Posted on Nov 27, 2008 Category: Events

Meeting on Internet Security

Nov 27, 2008 — Nov 27, 2008 • Cyclades, Santorini
A meeting about the pro and cons of using the Internet will take place on November 27th in Santorini and all parents, teachers and students are welcome to attend it. The participants will discuss the advanyages and disadvantages of using the Net and how to confront problems that may come out.
Posted on Nov 26, 2008 Category: Events

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