Ifestia Festival 2009

Aug 16, 2009 — Aug 16, 2009 • Category: Events
Ifestia Festival, one of the most impressive festivals on the island of Santorini Greece, will take place this year on the evening of August 16th. This festival is held every year in Santorini and commemorates the historical eruption of the Thera Volcano, many centuries ago. The eruption of its volcano in about 1650 BC and its consequences in the civilizations of the Mediterranean is probably the most famous historical fact about Santorini. Connected to the myth of the lost Atlantis, the volcano of Santorini raised such huge tsunami waves that it sunk half of the island and destroyed the Minoan civilization that was flourishing that time in Crete. Ifestia Festival of Santorini is actually an effort to represent the glory of the ancient volcanic eruption with fireworks that lighten the night sky, reminding people that the volcani is still there and still active. Apart from the firework show, other musical events will take place all over the island.