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Moni Naxos: Built amphitheatrically in the centre of the island, Moni village is surrounded by lush greenery and olive trees.
Its traditional architecture demands narrow paths and houses of stone.

Moni has a rich tradition in textiles and in fact, the women of the village have many workshops and exhibition rooms for handmade textiles. Even young women seem to carry on this tradition. Close to Moni village, there is the famous church of Panagia Drossiani, built in the 6th century AD in the Byzantine style.

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  • oliviatres 01 Apr 2011
    Serene atmosphere
    This is a nice church in a very peaceful location. You will probably run on Panagia Drossiani on the way from Koronos to Halki, a few metres off the main road. We rented a car for a couple of days in Naxos and we toured the island. The church was old and some walls were half ruined, but the atmosphere inside was very serene. At the yard, an old lady was selling honey and local herbs. A spot far away from the crowded beaches of Plaka and Agios Prokopios. The inland of Naxos is so beautiful and different from the other Cyclades.