Naxos Skado

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General information

Skado in Naxos is one of the smallest villages, with a population of around 120. It is located on the northeastern side of Naxos, on the way from Keramoti to Apollonas, right after the village of Koronos.

The architecture is traditional, with small stone houses and narrow paved paths.

Despite being located in a lush environment, the villagers were never engaged in agriculture and farming. Skado has been an emery-producing village, so inhabitants have shares of the mines. Nonetheless, many locals starved to death during World War II since the mines didn't operate and no produce was available.

An interesting sight in Skado is the historical monument of the Greek War Resistance of 1941-1944. Another place of interest is the folklore collection of M. Pittara.

Skado Map

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