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Tripodes Naxos: The small traditional village of Tripodes (or Biblos) is situated 7 kilometres from the capital and has whitewashed houses, narrow paved streets and beautiful ruins of windmills.
The way to find this village is to look out for the three old windmills on a hill. The place is actually signposted Vivlos.
The three windmills have seen better days but you can see an example of a fully intact one in the distance. The whitewashed houses here are very pretty.

Tripodes produces various agricultural products of good quality such as potatoes and wine.
Nearby the village one can admire the wonderful Temple of Theotokou and its beautiful, valuable icons.
The imposing walls of an old Venetian tower can still be seen nearby the road leading from Tripodes to Plaka.
On the top of the village of Tripodes, there is a church with large, red windowed towers.

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