Naxos Atsipapi

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General information

In the northeastern part of Naxos, at an altitude of 540 meters, lies the tiny settlement of Atsipapi. It is approximately 5km away from Koronos, a larger mountainous village.
Atsipapi's name seems to be derived from a name given to the Saracens by the Cretans. There are only 15 villagers there to attend to some crops on the leveled fields of the hillside.

The most interesting aspect of this village is the architecture of its structures, as they display an old-fashioned, stone-only building style that does not require concrete or similar fillers.
A few recently constructed houses in the area abide by that technique while offering insulation and are only occasionally used as aiding shed tools and protection for agricultural equipment. Most houses are dilapidated, while those that have managed to remain in relatively good condition serve as cheese dairies or farm buildings.

Atsipapi is worth visiting while vacationing in Naxos as it is a unique and intriguing example of obsolete yet functional architecture in the Aegean region.

Atsipapi Map

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