Mycenaean tomb in Naxos

One of the most peculiar findings in Naxos is certainly the Mycenaean tomb that was discovered at Chosti, near Koronida (also known as Komiaki). What makes this discovery a worth-visiting one is its rarity; in fact, it constitutes one of the only three Mycenaean tombs that were found in the Cyclades region, alongside Mykonos and Tinos. Its location is also puzzling, as it is rather remote in relevance to the only Mycenaean settlement of the island that was situated at the Chora.

Archaeologists estimate that the tomb was built in 1300 BC with the purpose of becoming the last residence of a local ruler, whose identity, however, remains a secret due to the monument’s condition. Some suggest that it might be dedicated to Naxos, the first king of the island after whom it was named. No matter its origins and although there is evidence that indicates that the tomb has been looted in the past, it is a sight of unique energy and historic importance you should not miss.

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