Naxos Panagia Parthena Islet

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Location: Mikri Vigla

The Church of Panagia Parthena in Naxos Cyclades, Greece: Just opposite the bay of Mikri Vigla, on the southwestern side of Naxos, there is a small rocky islet and on top of this islet, there is a tiny Cycladic church dedicated to Virgin Mary, Panagia Parthena in Greek.
Actually, both the church and the islet are called Panagia Parthena.
The church is white, has a small yard around it and few paved steps lead from the sea to the church.

Every year, on the Holy Day of the Ascension, which is a movable feast in Greece, 40 days after Easter, there is a Holy Mass in this church.
People go by boat from Mikri Vigla to the islet, where a Holy Mass is held.
This is the only time of the year that the church of Panagia Parthena opens.

In the old times, the shepherds of Naxos were handing out xynogala (sour milk, a local product of the island) on this occasion.

How to get there

The Church of Panagia Parthena is located on a small islet 400 meters from Mikri Vigla village. Visitors can access the islet with a private boat, canoe, windsurf or even swimming.
There are boats that take visitors from the village to the Church once every year, on the Feast Day of Panagia Parthena (40 days after the Orthodox Easter).



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