Naxos Prehistoric Acropolis

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Location: Panermos

The stone settlement of the Prehistoric Panormos Acropolis  dates back to 2500 BC and consisted of 20 room spaces circled by a fortification that featured five towers.
It was discovered in 1963 by archaeologist C. Ntoumas, who was also in charge of the excavations in Akrotiri, Santorini.

A magnificent achievement for its time, this settlement signifies the transition from the farming period to the hierarchical society, where the formation of the urban character began to take place.

Thus, those findings reflect a momentous leap forward as they document the social evolution within not only the Naxian but the whole Greek community.

Relevant findings of the later Mycenaean period also lie in the archaeological site of Grotta in Chora.
The location is endowed with an exceptional view, too.

How to get there

The Prehistoric Acropolis is located in Panermos Village.

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1 Reviews
  • Julie 24 Dec 2022
    Acropolis Of Korfari

    Admittedly, there’s not much left here, but I still loved this site for its amazing history. I also loved the stunning drive down the hairpin turns from Apiranthos to get here!