Milos Agios Konstantinos

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General information

Agios Konstantinos in Milos is a tiny fishing village on the north side of the island, full of syrmata, the traditional two-story fisherman houses that were also used as storage rooms for fishing boats. It got its name from the chapel of Agios Konstantinos, which can be found underground, carved inside a cave that often floods.

Right next to the houses, a small quay can be seen, encompassed by rocks and thus reminiscent of a lake. Additionally, the beach of Agios Konstantinos, also known as Alogomandra, showcases sparkling golden sand and crystal-clear waters, perfect for swimming. A distinctive rock that creates an arch is its most popular spot, looking like the opening to a cave. Furthermore, there are two caverns in the village open for exploration.

Agios Konstantinos Map

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