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Pisses Village Kea: Pisses Village is considered as one of the best places of Kea. It is an agricultural valley with a marvelous beach and a long coast, located about 11 km from Ioulida (capital of the island). The trip from the capital to Pisses is an excellent excuse to take the opportunity to appreciate some of the most beautiful landscapes on the Cyclades. Visitors will never forget this valley, full of cypress and almond trees, colorful flowers, with different fragrances, numerous fruit trees, big farms and vines.

There are lots of attractions in Pisses. The picturesque landscapes and the pleasant temperature create the perfect conditions to have enjoyable walks with your family. There is a famous tavern in the village that cooks local food, preserving all the traditional Greek dishes. The beach is amazing. Crystal waters give a good opportunity to relax and swim taking delight of the views that Pisses offers. Sunset is a nice moment to see the mountains with a purple shadow on their slopes.

Pisses is known for its impressive ancient site; the historical remains of the antique city of Piiessa. The remains of old residences are still visible, as well as the church of Agia Sotira, which used to be a temple dedicated to Apollo. Within its walls there are lots of fragments of ancient marble sculpture. During the post-classic/Hellenistic period, approximately in the 4th century BC, the tower of Agia Marina was built on the road that connects Piiessa to Ioulida and Korissia.

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