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Information about Koundouros

Koundouros Village Kea: Koundouros is a coastal settlement located about 15 km southwest of Ioulida. It has a really big tourist development. The crystal blue waters and the great beach, rather cosmopolitan, are an unforgettable experience. Something to highlight as a good advantage is the pure natural beauty of the sceneries. Amusement is everywhere, especially during the first weekend of June when the famous antique car race takes place.

Koundouros is full of entertaining activities. For sports lovers there are tennis and mini golf courts, basketball fields and water sports. For the tourists who want to feel protected from north winds and avoid crowded beaches, Kampi, in the south part of Kondouros, is the ideal place for them. Koundouros is known for its incredible tourist resorts. Visitors can find many hotels, full of comfort, across the coast. Most of them have a bar, a restaurant, a disco, tennis and mini golf courts, and of course, a swimming pool.

There are bungalows also at very reasonable prices. Tourists will love Koundouros night life. They can go to the coastal bars, visit the local taverns and have a great time at the discos. We also have to mention the restaurants, where people can appreciate the view of the sea, creating an exceptional romantic atmosphere.

At the restaurants you can taste all the traditional dishes as the "Paspala", a pork dish, the local sausages, the delicious sweets made of honey and the exquisite cheese and wine. There are no many souvenirs shops; instead tourists will find lots of carved wood and handmade pottery. The island has a developed system of walking path and trails to go to any place you want, and Koundouros is not the exception. There is a bus that will take you to all the villages.

Hotels in Koundouros

Anamar Kea Hotel

4 stars

Anamar Kea Hotel is situated in Koundouros. Koundouros is located in the southwest of the island of Kea, 15 kilometers (9 mi) from Ioulida and 20 kilometers (12 mi) from Korissia. The village is located in a large bay with several smaller bays. The rocky coastline is interspersed with coves and ...


Iris Villa

Villas Traditional Houses

Nestled on the hillside above Lygia bay, the villa is only a few meters away from the sea, in the most serene and cosmopolitan part of the island. It’s been designed with the traditional Aegean architecture and offers the luxuries of a 5-star boutique hotel, awaiting to indulge you into the most ...


Porto Koundouros Beach And Villas

3 keys

Set right on the most beautiful and well-organized beach of Kea, amidst the facilities and services of Porto Koundouros. A shelter for total relaxation and the perfect exploration base in Kea, these villas are waiting to host your most precious moments.


Map Of Koundouros, Kea

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