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Otzias Village Kea: Otzias is a small village on the north area of Kea, at 10 km far from Ioulida, its capital. It counts on just 80 permanent residents, and it has an enclosed picturesque bay with few houses that are ideal for spending some peaceful and relaxing days.

The best way of getting to Otzias is by following the road from Ioulida, via Korissos settlement, and Vourkari port. This road will take you along some stone borders put by the old farms for safety reasons related to their animals. After a turn in this road, the sea can be seen again, and the beach of Otzias is reached.

The beach of Otzias is another positive point for this village, since it is chosen by many families with children, because its waters are shallow and safe, in spite of being affected by the Meltemi winds every now and then. The opposite road to this beach counts on the only restaurant on Otzias village, which offers a great view and is reputed as being one of the best fish restaurants on Kea.

Another good feature about this village is its great walking paths, ideal for strolling around. Among its places of interest we can point out the many small churches that can be easily reached. In addition, the beach counts on some ruins of harbour facilities, since it used to be a port itself in ancient times.

Regarding the facilities of Otzias village, apart from the mentioned restaurant, there are some accommodation options that can also be found among these narrow paths. If you have a transport means, after a mile beyond the coastal line, there are some mines called Tripospilles a few kilometres after which the church of Panagia Kastriani can be found.

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