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Ioulida or Chora in Kea: The village of Chora or Ioulida is the capital of the island of Kea. However, far from having plenty of infrastructures, this settlement reflects the spirit of the traditional villages and it is very beautiful. No cars are seen here, as people must leave them at the entrance of the town.

Locals travel occasionally by donkeys, although they are generally used for carrying materials for the constructions that always take place on Kea. There is also a bus service departing from Ioulida to several parts of the island.

Heading to the left from the entrance gate, the Kastro area will be found. This is the most ancient part, and counts on antique fortifications, the remains of a Venetian wall, and acropolis. Further below, there are some seats carved in stone, and also the church of Agia Paraskevi, built inside a cave. The monastery of Panagia Kastriani can also be found in this area. This is the most important monastery on Kea and as it lies on the top of a huge rock, it provides great views to the sea.

The Archaeological museum is also located in Ioulida. It hosts lots of archaeological items discovered in excavations around the island. The items include artefacts from the Post Neolithic Age, as well as the Early, the Middle and the Post Copper Age, while there is also a vast collection dating between the 7th to the 2nd century BC.

When it comes to entertainment, apart from the bars and taverns, the main square or platia is also highly advisable. This is where the festivals take place. One of the main festivals is that of Panagia, on August 15th, which is observed in the whole Greece, and consists of traditional food, music, and dancing.

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  • kostaskon 18 Jul 2008
    More like a village
    The Chora of Kea does not seem like a capital but more of a village. It has many rough and narrow streets, small grocery shops and a nice ruined Castle. You will find many taverns at the port and many studios. Clubs are few in Ioulida. The people are generally friendly, but most of them are old and do not seem to want tourists very much, they want their peace.