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Vourkari Village Kea: The village of Vourkari, with just a few dozens of local residents is in the northern area of Kea island. Vourkari is a fishing village protected from winds, with plenty of small fishing boats called kaekia, and some sailing boats.

This fishing town's traffic has increased in recent years because of the intense development of the local tourist industry, which has turned Vourkari into the perfect stopover for tourists and visitors who crave for a peaceful location to spend their holidays on Kea. There are really good restaurants in this area, serving fish based dishes, fresh lobster, and other traditional dishes. Some other recommended dishes are spaghetti with lobster and sprinkled with wine or the bouillabaisse. But food is not the only one attraction in the area of Vourkari. Those who are fond of arts will discover in the area with the plethora of taverns, a small art gallery with paintings related to Kea.

The prehistoric villa dating from the Copper Age is also worth a visit. You cannot get lost, as it is placed on the road from Vourkari to Otzia. There is also a small church in the area, Agia Eirini, and some picturesque houses a little higher up on the hill. Apart from being well preserved and pretty beautiful, they were built with the same materials that the locals used in ancient times. For example, they use pezoules to pave their terraces and gardens as they did in the past.

However, those who seek solitude and peace should move some 50 or 100 meters from the port, which is an anchorage for yachts all the year round, as it gets noisy when tourists get off the boats and start walking the narrow streets and passages in the village between the taverns and the quay.

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