Amorgos Windmills of Chora

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Location: Chora

One of the most impressive and well-known sights of the island, the Windmills of Amorgos are a trademark of Cyclades! Located in southeastern Chora, these flour mills provide a fantastic landscape view over the village, as well as a jaw-dropping sunset view!

Visitors will spot these impressive structures pop out due to their whitewashed colors and distinctive red roofs! Each windmill was used to cover the flour-based needs of about 100 people of Amorgos, whereas it is said that there were approximately 18 windmills and a watermill around the year 1900! Plus, most of the now-remaining eleven windmills, scattered along the length of Chora, face the castle and the village!

Operating for well over 300 years, a significant amount of these windmills have collapsed and turned into pure ruins, though a handful still remain, as their wall thickness exceeds that of one meter, making them quite sturdy structures! Entering the site from the neighborhood of Troulos in Chora, the walk is quite an easy hike from Chora since the windmills are not far away from the picturesque village!



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