Amorgos Venetian Castle

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Location: Chora

The 13th-century Venetian Castle of Amorgos in Chora was built in 1290 by Andrea and Geremiah Ghizi for the protection of Amorgos. It is situated on the Kastro (castle) rock that stands aloft out of the village of Chora like a guard of the village. The massive rock has a height of 210 feet.

Amorgos was part of the Duchy of the Archipelago, led by the Venetian Marco Sanudo. Sanudo ceded the island to his vassal brothers (Andrea and Geremiah) as a fief. They ordered the erection of the Castle to avoid pirate raids. 

The walls of the fortress have tapered openings: Wider on the inside than on the outside, they were used to fire on the attackers. The entrance of the fortress with its low gate is still apparent. The castle offers a magnificent view of the entire village and beyond. 



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