Amorgos Sea caves

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Location: Mouros

Amorgos has many beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and lovely coastes. One of them is Mouros, a must-visit spot because of its impressive sea caves that attract the interest of both locals and tourists.

Being approximately 15 km away from the island’s Chora, Mouros is a small, pebble beach surrounded by a unique rocky landscape, which is a common morphological feature met in the Cyclades. Behind the rock formations that are found on the right side of the beach, there are two underwater caves where visitors use to swim or even wear their masks and dive in its waters to explore what’s underwater. The view of the caves’ interior is quiet enchanting thanks to the colorful colors formed by the turquoise waters, the shadows of the rocks and the reflection of the Greek sun.

Access to Mouros Beach and its Caves is easy by car, motorcycle or local bus. If you decide to use your own vehicle, there is a parking lot on top of the beach. From there, you just have to walk for less than ten minutes in order to reach the beach. Nearby, there is a small tavern where you can enjoy fresh seafood or delicacies of Amorgos.



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