Amorgos Church of Panagia Kastriani

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Location: Arkesini

Situated at the very edge of the hill in the area of Kastri, the Church of Panagia Kastriani in Amorgos is an imposing building, as it was once the acropolis of Ancient Arkesini! It features a characteristic, whitewashed exterior facade and Cycladic-style blue elements, including the windows, the door, and the frame! Plus, it seems to have once had a bell since it has an empty bell-shaped structure above the entrance!

This church hosts simple-looking interiors, a handful of semi-faded frescoes, a small iconostasis, and a few candelabras, as well as an array of semi-abandoned surrounding stone-built homes, where visitors could spend the nights before and after the church’s celebration days in mid-August! Furthermore, Panagia Kastriani boasts enticing views over the sunset, the Aegean Sea, and the nearby islands of western Amorgos!

In order to reach this church, you need to follow a rough trail for about an hour, so it is recommended that you come well-prepared!

Moreover, the Church of Panagia Kastriani has a small fest celebration on the 15th of August, the day of Assumption of the Virgin Mary, where locals offer traditional treats and small bites after the early morning liturgy!



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