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Information about Zemeno

Zemeno village Arachova: The small village of Zemeno is found a few kilometres east of Arachova and is one of the most traditional villages in Greece. It can be easily accessed from the Livadia-Arachova road, and visitors usually go past it on their way to Arachova. Zemeno offers good options in terms of taverns and restaurants, as well as accommodation options and is also suitable for a long vacation period, as it counts on a good beach that can be reached after a 15-minute walk.

Zemeno is taken as a sort of second base of operations after Athens, in order to go on excursions to other close places. This in part due to its geographical location, as from there it is possible to reach important sites, such as the monasteries of Meteora, surrounding Mount Parnassos, and the archaeological site of Delphi to the West.

The village is also related to climbing, due to the nearby cliff of the same name on Mount Parnassos. In fact, those who look for difficult and long routes usually take Zemeno into account, especially in recent years. In addition, there is a dirt road coming out from this cliff, which passes by a spring and leads to a small area that is suitable for camping in the Frousia Plateau. This results useful for the sports persons, as it is possible to start climbing at a distance of 15 minutes from the camp.

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