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General information

Itea village Arachova: Although Itea is a relatively new town, founded in 1830, it has gained an excellent reputation thanks to its proximity to the outstanding town of Delphi and because of its lively port. Itea, located at twelve kilometres far from Amphissa and just at one kilometre from the old harbour or Kirra, is considered one of the most developed towns on the Crissean Gulf in terms of tourism and both its port and infrastructures are ready to receive the increasing number of visitors very year.

The city by the port, the modern Itea, has become a relevant transit and trade centre holding about 9,000 inhabitants in our days. The fact that the city is easily reachable by sea or land has contributed to the popularity of Itea. Moreover, its port is the way out through the sea for many localities nearby, such as Delphi, Amfissa, and for the whole Central Greece as well.

The road to Itea has beautiful landscapes and travelers can stop at Chrisso, a picturesque village on the way to Itea, full of fountains and plane trees. Itea has a lot of trees, too. No wonder why its name comes from a tree name (itia, meaning willow tree), which used to extend as far as the coastline some years ago.

Along the port, a traditional vibe is still present as the seafood restaurants and taverns serve typical food and drink. So most tourists enjoy visiting the port, watching the craftsmen making or repairing their caiques, and then going for a stroll in the beautiful Itea streets.

Regarding lodging options, there are many establishments near Itea beach and many others scattered all around the town. Those who prefer staying in a house or apartment can also find suitable accommodation in new houses and buildings with excellent architecture and decoration style.

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