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General information

Distomo village Arachova: The village of Distomo is found south east of Arachova, at 180 km West of Athens, and 25 km West of Livadia. It can be reached by taking the National Motorway Athens-Levadia-Delphi, and it is built at an altitude of 450m. In fact, it includes 6 hills that end up into a small valley, and is surrounded by different types of slopes, rugged and smooth.

This combination of varied terrains with the picturesque feature of the Corinthian Gulf constitute Distomo a very special and beautiful area. Although the main activity of Distomo was related to the aluminium production, tourism is gaining more and more importance, and its beach has played an important role in this.

Apart from its beauty, this village counts on an ancient legacy that dates from the Premycenaen era, as it is testified by the three tombs that have remained from that time. proving that the inhabitation of Distomo dates back from the 1500 BC, although it was not known by that name during these times. An important place of interest is the Archaeological Collection of Distomo, which is housed in the old Primary School of the village.

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