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Information about Kalyvia

Kalyvia village Arachova: The village of Kalyvia is located very close to Arachova, in the north west part of the town and close to Delphi. It lies in an agricultural area with rocky landscape that provides scenic walks, with imposing views across Parnassos mountains and down over Delphi.

In addition, the location of this village also makes it a popular point among hikers and trekkers, as it is crossed by some routes that are usually taken by them as well as by touring visitors. For example, Mount Parnassos can be reached from Kalyvia, since it has an ascending footpath, found in the point where the trail crosses the Arachova-Agoriani road.

This footpath is marked and mapped, and leads upwards to the village of Livadi, and the mountaineering club refuge on Gerontovrachos hill. Then, it has some detours leading to the peaks of this hill and the Mt Parnassos. After this, the path descends through the Velitsa Gorge to the village of Tithorea.

In relation to this, visitors can get to Kalyvia village and take the chance of having a meal or a refreshment as part of the itinerary. The famous Corycian cave is found on the same road, and can be taken into account, as it is very interesting as well.

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