Skopelos Festivals & Cultural Events

Skopelos is not only known for its amazing picturesque beauty and traditional atmosphere. It also distinguishes for the religious character, shown by the many churches and monasteries scattered around the island. The locals organize various festivals in honor of their saints which take place in the surrounding countryside, churchyards and the central spots of the island. During these days Skopelos thrives with activity.

Religious feasts & festivals

August 15th
The feast of the Assumption of the Virgin is the large celebration in Skopelos island. On August 15th, there is a great festival in Glossa with food, wine, and live music.

August 6th
The feast for the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ is celebrated on August 6th.

February 25th
A popular feast which is organized annually in Skopelos is the feast of Agios Riginos on February 25th.

December 4th
The feast of Agia Varvara is celebrated on December 4th.

Cultural events

Loizia Festival
One of the major festivals in Skopelos is the Loizia Festival which is held in August in Glossa. The event is organized by the Cultural Society of Glossa to honor Manos Loizos (1937-1982), one of the most important Greek-Cypriot composers of the 20th century. The festival includes concerts with songs of Loizos, theatrical performances, traditional dances, storytelling nights and a great feast where food and wine are served for free. Frequently, the famous Skopelian bouzouki player, Giorgos Xintaris, sings rebetika in this festival.

Wine Festival
The Wine Festival is organized by the Cultural Society of Glossa in the middle of September. In this festival, visitors are offered free wine and the dancing lasts until the early hours.

International Film Festival for Youth
The Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth takes place in July and August in Skopelos Town. It includes cinema workshops and film screenings with the participation of artists from all over the world.