Skopelos Loizia Festival

Loizia Festival in Skopelos: Every summer, in Glossa village, on the northern side of Skopelos, there takes place a festival dedicated to one of the most famous and beloved music composers in Greece, Manos Loizos. The Loizia Festival takes place usually at the end of July and the beginning of August and includes various cultural events, such as musical concerts, photograph exhibitions, theatrical performances, fairy tale reading, traditional dancing performances and exhibitions of local or international organizations.

The Loizia Festival is organized by the Cultural Association of Glossa Skopelos since 1983, one year after the death of the composer. Manos Loizos (1937-1982) was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and died in a hospital in Moscow. He lived and made his career in Athens. He cooperated with famous singers, while his songs had a political view. He was part of the Greek Communist Party and fought for the rights of the working class. His songs were beloved by the Greek people and they are sung till today.