Introduction & General Information

Skopelos is bigger than Skiathos and less commercialized but its many beauties attract many visitors and the island is getting busier and attracts more tourists every year. The northwest coast of Skopelos is the largest coast of the island, very exposed, with impressive cliffs rising from the sea, creating a large bay.

The south coast of Skopelos island is calmer and has many idyllic coves with calm crystalline waters, fine sand and pine trees descending at the sea level and shadowing the lovely beaches. Most of the large sandy beaches of Skopelos are well-organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, and water sports but many deserted beaches and coves can be found, with crystal clear waters and soft pebbles.

The first antique settlement was called Peparithos and was built on the north-western bay of the island. This settlement was built by the mythical Staphylos (as some people believe) who was one of the four sons of the god Dionysos and Ariadne.

Today, the capital of the island is in the east and is called Skopelos Town. It is also the main harbor of the island, built amphitheatrically in the heart of a bay, full of white houses with tiled roofs. One of these houses is the former residence of Pavlos Nirvanas, a famous poet from Skopelos. The second harbor and main settlement is the picturesque village of Glossa located on the west coast.