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Skopelos is bigger than Skiathos and less commercialized but its many beauties attract many visitors and the island is getting busier and attracts more tourists every year. The northwest coast of Skopelos is the largest coast of the island, very exposed, with impressive cliffs rising from the sea, creating a large bay.

The south coast of Skopelos island is calmer and has many idyllic coves with calm crystalline waters, fine sand and pine trees descending at the sea level and shadowing the lovely beaches. Most of the large sandy beaches of Skopelos are well-organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, and water sports but many deserted beaches and coves can be found, with crystal clear waters and soft pebbles.

The first antique settlement was called Peparithos and was built on the north-western bay of the island. This settlement was built by the mythical Staphylos (as some people believe) who was one of the four sons of the god Dionysos and Ariadne.

Today, the capital of the island is in the east and is called Skopelos Town. It is also the main harbor of the island, built amphitheatrically in the heart of a bay, full of white houses with tiled roofs. One of these houses is the former residence of Pavlos Nirvanas, a famous poet from Skopelos. The second harbor and main settlement is the picturesque village of Glossa located on the west coast.


19 Reviews
  • neilandvonnie 27 Apr 2012
    Sea kayaking in Skopelos
    We visited Skopelos for Paska and joined Neil on a guided sea kayak tour, it was a wonderful and peaceful way to explore this beautiful island.
  • jeremy87 04 Jan 2012
    Fantastic cozy holiday
    We arrived to Skopelos one day in the middle of August last summer. We stayed in the lovely village Glossa, a charming place, quite lively, with many beaches around. Just by walking down the alleys, you will see the fantastic whitewashed houses with the balconies and the roofs and the small picturesque shops.

    Loutraki and Klima are good beaches with fish taverns to eat at noon. It was a delight to have lunch by the sea with a wooden pergola to protect you from the sun, just after a refreshing swim! Ah this is Greek summer! Rent a motorbike and go to many beaches, Skopelos of course is not that famous for the beaches as Skiathos but it has a wonderful relaxing atmosphere.

    The prices were low comparing to Skiathos, which I visited in 2010. The hotels were family and cozy, loved them!

  • kostant99 24 Apr 2011
    The blue and green island
    Visiting Skopelos was just great. After we had a coffee in the port of Agios Konstantinos, we took the ferry and in few hours we arrived in Skopelos. This place is blessed with the colors of nature, green and blue, as forests cover much of the island. The capital of Skopelos is decorated with fine whitewashed houses and balconies with colorful flowers. There are various shops that are hidden in the corners of the narrow streets. There are hundred of churches and chapels as well as numerous cafes, restaurants and taverns. Try the local food in the traditional taverns, you won't regret it.

    The beaches were the best feature of this island but unfortunately we didn't have time to visit those we wanted. However, Stafilos beach and Panormos were my favorite, close to the town with exotic waters. Few beaches were rocky, so you need to be careful where you step. Always beware of the urchins in these rocky beaches, it has happened twice to step on an urchin in Greece and trust me it hurts awfully! Panormos is also a nice beach. When in Skopelos, rent a car or bike for a couple of days and go to the inland villages, they are all wonderful.
  • bethth 21 May 2010
    Lots of hiking opportunities
    Getting to Skopelos was a pleasure. We took the ferry from Volos, sailing first to Skiathos and then on to Skopelos. The scenery along the way was amazing. Greece is always a place that is in my mind and always my first choice for a holiday, though to be hones, I sometimes feel that I go there too often. The world is a big place and I still have things to see and visit, but when I feel the need to go to Greece, there is nothing that I can do. I have to go. I have been there countless times. Skopelos Town was beautiful with a lot of little streets to explore. There are "camera opportunities" at every corner.

    The island is green and pleasant, unhurried and peaceful, easy to get around and geared for the tourist or hiking enthusiast. We took a bus to Glossa and then walked along a very good road to Agios Yiannis chapel, perched on its rock surrounded by the sea. The walk was amazing, up and down hills, through olive groves with stunning views of the sea, the coast and Alonissos in the distance. The food was always very good, restaurant, coffee shops and taverna staff helpful, courteous and very friendly. Food and drinks were a bit expensive but we knew that this would be the case, as most islands through the world are the same.

    The only negative thing that I can ever say about any part of Greece (and I have visited many, many parts, both touristic and non touristic) is the litter that people leave behind. Once the general population and tourist alike realise how much this damages the environment as well as how it impacts on the countryside, things will be a lot better.
  • reid 25 Jan 2010
    Follow the steps of Mamma Mia
    I couldn't wait to go to Skopelos once I learned that some scenes from Mamma Mia were filmed there!!! The small chapel of Saint John on top of the rock was a magnicifent site alone, not to mention that this is where the wedding scenes were shot!! You go up some narrow stairs and from there you see the sea and the mountainous parts of the island. Bad luck, the church was closed but this didn't reduce my joy to see this site!

    We stayed only for 3 days in Skopelosand our hotel was in Glossa but we rented a bike to go around. Skopelos Town was a bit more traditional than Glossa, which seems more like a tourist village. Panormos and Hovolo were amazing beaches. Stafilos was also good but we lost our way there and it took us about three hours to get, so our mood was a bit spoilt. Put signs on the road, please, it is not necessary that all people have that a good sense of orientation!!!

    You will love the taverns at the beach and if you find any traditional honey in a kiosk, buy it. I bought the best honey from an old in the open market of Glossa!
  • Teresa_C 31 Oct 2009
    Full of romance
    Skopelos is full of romantic couples and families, so you can easily assume that it is about a remarkably beautiful and peaceful island! It is like a mix of green and blue color pallet, densely pine tree-forests lead to deep blue seashores! But do not try to follow every dirt road the you meet hopping that ends in an even nicer beach, in most cases they are leading to nowhere!
    Swimming during nightfall in Panormos beach covered with fat pebbles is an unforgettable experience, like you swim in a river with golden water as the sun sets in the depth of the horizon...
    You want nightlife? Sightseeing? Don't go to Skopelos.
    Local taste not-to-miss the cheese twist pies and the chaimalia treat. I generally noticed that it is not a remote and small island as others, so it has well made tourism infrastructure and of course some shots of the film Mammia Mia were taken there! Let's see how good you are in recognizing those scenes!
  • hu77go090 19 Aug 2009
    Choose taverns for the view
    We had visited Skopelos before, so we actually knew the island. Skopelos is one of my favoutire Greek islands, it combines everything and all kind of styles: not cosmopolitan and not isolate either, with great beaches and sights, lounge cafes and loud bars, in a word it is adorable. Glossa is a lovely vllage to stay and most ferries that come on the island dock there. We stayed both times in Maria's, some lovely apartments a couple of km outside Glossa but with nice view from the balcony and a small beach in front. For other beaches, I suggest Loutraki and Agnontas. Stafilos is also very picturesque but in the afternoon it gets very crowded. If you are driving, pay attention to the roads. Skopelos is mountainous and some road parts are difficult, especially for new drivers. For food, all taverns are good so you will more probably choose taverns depending on the view. Prefer small taverns in hills above the villages, they always have the best view to the green hillsides and the blue sea. My kids, 12 and 14, loved Skopelos and I was feeling safe to let them play or walk in the streets alone. This island makes me feel so good!
  • rania32 10 Jun 2009
    Pristine and beautiful
    I found Skopelos more pristine and authentic than Skiathos. Skiathos was busy and noisy, while Skopelos was the exact opposite thing. Our hotel was in Glossa and we were on the beach all day. Glossa and Stafilos were the best beach, but go early because after noon they get very crowded and you can't find any umbrella for some shadow. The only bad thing were the buses. There are no good buses on Skopelos, itineraries are never kept and they are always crowded. After two days of suffering with buses, we rented a motorbike to get around in ease. Villages are ncie but do not have the noticeable architecture of Cyclades. The best spot of the villages is on top of them from where you can see all the area. You get the best pictures from there! Otherwise, there is not much to do. There are no sites to see, not even a castle. You just swim, eat and relax, which is what vacations are for, after all!
  • natassakr 27 Dec 2008
    Amazing and undiscovered
    we are always making vacation in Greece, every time another island. This year, we went to Skiathos and Skopelos. Skopelos is amazing, ambiental, undiscovered, authentic. We liked it a lot! Greek home made food is delicious there, althought due to touristic development it is from year to year more rare to get. Hospitality of people and traditional tavernas are great. Frappe is the favourite summer wake-up. You just have to relax and explore the native island. Driving through pine trees is excellent. The only thing to take of is to organize more public events, such as concerts, open air theatre plays or balls.
  • gual52 16 Oct 2008
    Take your bike with you
    Skopelos is really a paradise. The beaches are fantastic, the sea is clean and transparent, calm as a swimming pool. The temperature is ideal, reasonably hot (not higher than 27-28 degrees at noon), always dry, with some lovable breeze. Even in the peack season, I was able to find beaches to stay alone all the day long. If you are looking for the beach life, choose the west coast (Panormos side), the beautiful beaches are there, and this coast is sheltered from the strong wind. Best beaches: Panormos Bay from Adrina, Velanio and Armenopetra. Local food is also exquisite, if you choose small taverns. I don't recommend the touristic restaurants in front of the marina in Town. As for nightlife, the only village with some movement is Skopelos town. Follow me, go on Skopelos with your bike, it's FUN.
  • susu47 09 Jun 2008
    Excellent food
    My best experience in Skopelos was food. Amazing dishes, large portions and low prices. I loved fish meals and especially grilled fish. Octapus with rice and tomato sauce was excellent. I think this last dish is traditional. The best tavern is in Glossa and is called "I omorfia tis Skopelou", meaning the nice lady of skopelos. As for the rest of the island, it is fine and picturesque. I found the beaches pretty rocky but the rest of the landscape is excellent.
  • pepitder 22 Apr 2008
    We have already booked for next summer
    Spokelos was even more beautiful than shown in the photos we found on the Internet. The children loved it. Excellent beaches, lovely villages, friendly people, cheap accommodation, delicious taverns. It is the greenest island I've ever seen and quiet enough to enjoy your holidays. I would strongly recommend Skopelos to other people and we have already booked to go back again next summer. My only thing to mention were the roads leading down to some beaches. They should all be paved and should have some decent parking places because it is very difficult to come back up once you are down.
  • spinkus 06 Dec 2007
    Feels unharmed by tourism
    The island is so beautiful and picturesque. The
    tavernas are lovely and the the main town of Skopelos has so much charm and appeal. Night-life is quiet and there are not too many activities but it is
    an island that feels un-harmed by tourism and a real feel of Greece.
    The tavernas and bars are of a very good standard and there is plenty of choice.
    Definately hire a Jeep and take some smaller roads that get off the beaten track a bit and see the coastline as much as possible which is really lovely.
  • spinkus 11 Oct 2007
    A real feel of Greece
    Skopelos island is so beautiful and picturesque. The tavernas are lovely and the the main town of Skopelos has so much charm and appeal. The tavernas and bars are of a very good standard and there is plenty of choice. Night-life is quiet and there are not too many activities but it is an island that feels unharmed by tourism and a real feel of Greece. We loved snorkellingand we especially liked Panormos Beach. Definately hire a Jeep and take some smaller roads that get off the beaten track a bit and see the coastline as much as possible which is really lovely.
  • S_Knight 04 Apr 2007
    Very friendly local people
    Nationality: British
    Age: 47
    The trip: Flight from Manchester England to Skiathos and ferry boat to Skopelos
    Reasons for going to Skopelos: Not been before and we like to visit different islands
    Any idea about Skopelos island before arriving: I really had no idea about Skopelos, just what i had seen in travel books and the internet. I was surprised to see how quiet and less commercial that it is compared to some of the other islands
    Did Skopelos meet your expectations: It did meet my expectations it is a beautiful and green island with very friendly local people. The only Negative thing that i have to say about Skopelos is the ferry boat connections between other islands needs to be improved. Recommendations: Be prepared to travel around the island and explore.
  • Ian_S 14 Dec 2006
    Friendly beautiful and warm
    Nationality: British

    Age: 45

    The trip: I get to the island by Manos tour operator, flight to Skiathos then sea transfer and arranged by Manos

    Reasons for going to Skopelos: This is the 6th time I have been here

    Idea of Skopelos before arriving: It was well recommended by friends before my 1st visit

    Did Skopelos meet your expectations: Yes, I have been to many islands in Greece but this one always attracts me back. Friendly, beautiful and warm. Exceptionally people

    - Beaches: 8/10

    - Villages: 9/10

    - Food: 10/10

    - Nightlife: 7/10

    - Accommodation: 10/10

    Favorite thing about Skopelos: The island has maintained traditional atmosphere and unlike Skiathos has not become over touristy

    Negative opinion about Skopelos: No

    Recommendations: If they like an island that offers a little of everything come and I can guaranty they will come again and again

  • H_Karapasitis 17 Nov 2006
    The greenest island I have ever seen
    Nationality: Greek/British

    Age: 50

    Countries visited: 10-15

    The Trip: I arrived on Skopelos island by car and by boat with Normal Ferry. The trip was very good with no delays.

    Reasons for going to Skopelos: Discovered on the Internet

    Idea before arriving: I searched the internet thoroughly for all the beaches, sightseeing etc. I found the island even more beautiful when i arrived. The people were so friendly and the food was really nice and cheap. The children loved it and we are definitely going back again next summer. 3 summers in a row

    Negative opinion about the island:

    My only disappointment is the roads leading down to the beaches (some of them). The should all be paved and have decent parking places because it’s very difficult to come back up once you are down

    Recommendations for future visitors:

    I would recommend Skopelos island very strongly. it's the greenest I have seen, the people are very friendly, the accommodation is cheap and the food lovely

    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries


  • tim 27 Sep 2005
    Loved the island
    I really liked Skopelos. I liked the room we rented and its traditional, dark wooden furniture, I liked the capital with its small alleys and its beautiful red tiled houses, I liked the beaches with their golden sand and their verdant trees, I liked the food and wine and I liked the general atmosphere?

    I can say I had some of the best holidays of my like on Skopelos.

    I also did a one day excursion to the neighbouring islands of Alonissos and Skiathos. It was a good experience and, although I really preferred Skopelos, I think that next year I?m going to spend a few days on peaceful Alonissos.
  • frans_11 27 Sep 2005
    Beautiful green island
    Nationality: German

    Age: 27

    The trip: I had a flight from Athens to Skiathos and then I took a ferry to Skopelos

    Reasons for going to Skopelos: I had heard it was very picturesque, calm and had really beautiful beaches and coves.

    Idea before arriving: A green island with beaches with green-blue colors and traditional villages.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations and more. It is an extraordinary island that really worth the trip. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed it.

    Favorite thing about Skopelos: The capital of the island. A village with the traditional architecture and some activity

    Negative opinion: People are driving too fast! Mostly cafe and not much bars.

    Recommendations: night walk in the capital and the beach of Milies

    I would love to go back there.