Churches in Skopelos

Most of the churches that spread throughout the island of Skopelos date back from the post –Byzantine times until the Turkish occupation. The religious art of Skopelos can be seen in the austere chapels, the imposing churches and the isolated monasteries which are now a part of the island's monumental architecture.

Among the dozens of Byzantine monuments that are found in Skopelos, distinguishes the Monastery of Evagelistrias. Set high on the mountain slopes, 4 km from Chora, the monastery clearly relates to a fortress, built in 1712 over the ruins of an ancient monastery. It hosts valuable Byzantine frescoes and a breathtaking view of the bay. At the top of a huge rock in the sea lies the precious monastery of Agios Ioannis in Kastri with 110 steps leading to its entrance. It became famous while scenes from the Hollywood movie Mamma Mia were shot there. It offers striking views to the sea.

The oldest Byzantine construction of Skopelos is the monastery of Agios Riginos located 2km outside Chora. It is dedicated to the saint protector of the island whose tomb lies in the middle of the courtyard. He was the first bishop of Skopelos and died as a martyr in the 4th century. The church that can be seen today was built rather recently in 1960.

Not far from Chora, on top of the hills lies the abandoned monastery of Agia Varvara with beautiful 15th-century frescoes and icons. It is found close to the convent of Saint John the Baptist. In the heart of the capital lies the monastery of Zoodochos Pigis famous as the home of the miraculous icon of Michael Archangel. Other churches with beautiful icons are Agios Athanasios, Agios Taxiarches, Birth of the Christ, the church of the Virgin standing on top of a rock on the south part of Skopelos and the monastery of Episkopi.