Giorgos Xintaris from Skopelos

The musician Giorgos Xintaris from Skopelos: Skopelos is the birthplace of many artists, who devoted to the Greek music and especially to the music genre of rembetika, a type of music created by the Greek refugees from Asia Minor who came to Greece in 1922.

Giorgios Xintaris, a skilled musician and great singer, is one of the best representatives of rembetiko music. He was born in Skopelos in 1952 and moved to Athens in 1965. There, he started to perform at the most known spots of Athens, in typical Greek taverns with his son and other fellow musicians.

Throughout his career, Giorgios Xintaris has worked with the most famous singers and musicians of his time. During summer, he usually performs at the traditional open-air taverns of Skopelos, always keeping his passion for the Greek music.