Sporades Geography

Information about the Geography of Sporades islands, in Greece: Sporades island is a beautiful island complex located north of Evia. The main characteristic of these Greek islands is the stunning beaches with the rich vegetation that often reaches the shores, in contrast to the other islands in the Aegean. The Sporades consists of 11 large and smaller islands and tiny islets, but only four of them are inhabited (Alonissos island, Skyros island, Skopelos and Skiathos island).

Known for the rich vegetation, the lush forests, idyllic shores, traditional settlements, historical places, and hilly spots, the main islands are unique attractions during the summer. Their mountainous terrain features some exquisite spots with stunning views to the sea and a wild natural environment surrounded by the green waters.

The geography of Sporades resembles very much to the natural beauty of Evia, the second-largest island of Greece. Endless green forests, flourishing valleys, stunning beaches, and lovely areas reveal the incomparable beauty of the scenery of the Sporades, similar to Evia. These Greek islands offer views of an exquisite environment that attract thousands of visitors.

Geography on each island

Information about the geography of the islands of Sporades: