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Information about the local Products of Sporades islands, in Greece but also information about local products on many islands of the group: The Sporades products, which grow in the lush green environment of the islands, distinguish for their taste and unique quality. The local cuisine of the Sporades islands (Skyros, Alonissos, Skiathos, Skopelos) is characterized for its simplicity, but also the strong flavors which are a result of the fresh aromatic herbs, the exquisite olive oil, and the good meat.

Sporades islands are well-known for their dairy products, thyme honey, spoon sweets, and other products that symbolize the role of tradition. Among the food that one can enjoy on these beautiful green Greek islands are the traditional cheese-pie, lamb and exotic seafood on the waterfront taverns, spaghetti with lobster which is characterized for the excellent taste and quality.

Particularly on Skyros island, the local cuisine is light with the main preference in legumes. On a wedding occasion, the island celebrates offering a great number of doughnuts to the people. The cuisine of Skyros is mainly based on agricultural products and seafood. The local cuisine of Skiathos island consists of fresh fish mostly. Also, great wine is produced from the vineyards in the Holy Monastery of the Virgin for more than a century. On Skopelos island, you will enjoy the famous Skopelian pie, goat with plums, salads and local treats.

If you are interested in seafood recipes, then you will definitely enjoy a delicious meal in the waterfront taverns of Alonissos island. You can taste the spaghetti with lobster, and Alonissos pie. A good meal must always be accompanied by a nice dessert and in that case, you should try the traditional homemade sweets.

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