Sporades Festivals

Sporades islands are very famous for their traditional feasts and religious celebrations which are held all year round. Like any other region of Greece, the patron saints of Sporades are highly honored by the locals with a series of events including food, dances, and wine. Most of these feasts are organized in the summer period where they can be enjoyed by a great number of people.
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Religious festivals

August 15th

August 15th is the largest festival of summer, on the occasion of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. Panigiria events take place on all Sporades islands. Particularly in Alonissos, the custom of the traditional wedding revives that day.

July 25th

On the evening of July 25th, there is the feast of Agios Ermolaos on Skyros island. People get on board fishing boats in Molos and go to the small island above the beach, where a holy mass takes place in the small chapel of Agios Ermolaos.

Agios Georgios

The feast of Agios Georgios is very popular on Skiathos island. Apart from the open panigiria with food, wine, and dancing, it also includes horse races.

Cultural events

Katsonia Festival in Skiathos

The Katsonia Festival takes place in September on Skiathos island in commemoration of the Greek submarine "Lambros Katsonis" which was sunk off Skiathos, in September 1943, during the Second World War. On that day, the locals throw flowers in the Aegean Sea.

Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth

The International Film Festival for Youth takes place in July and August in Skopelos Town, on Skopelos island. It includes cinema workshops and film screenings with the participation of artists from all over the world.

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