Skiathos Katsonia Festival

The Katsonia Festival of Skiathos: The Katsonia Festival is celebrated every year on Skiathos on September 6th. It is held in honor of the submarine Lambros Katsonis which sank near Kastro in September 1943. The submarine was trying to intercept a German troop transport, when unfortunately it was attacked by the German submarine, UJ-2101.

This led to the loss of the 32 crewmen and the capture of 15 other men. Some others, such as Lt. Eleftherios Tsoukalas and officers Anastasios Tsigros and Antonios Antoniou, managed to swim continuously for 9 hours and reach the shores of Skiathos. These men hid on the island till they could return to Egypt in safety and rejoin the Greek Naval fleet.

Both officials and locals take part in the Katsonia Feast organizing a glorious Mass and throwing flower wreaths into the sea. This is to commemorate all those who lost their lives on this unfortunate day. A representation of the sinking is also held. The festival means to honor the brave soldiers who lost their lives for their country and those who managed to escape this horror and bravely went back on duty.