Spetses ports (Dapia and Baltiza)

The port of Spetses is located within Spetses Town. It is the new port of the island and all ferries arrive and depart from there.
The old port, named Baltiza, lies close to Dapia and is only used by yachts and boats

Below, you can find more information about the ports of Spetses:
New PortOld Port

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New Port (Dapia)

During the high season, the new port receives at least four (4) high-speed ferries starting from the port of Piraeus every day.
Except for Athens, ferries also connect the island with Hydra and Poros, as well as the coastal areas of Porto Heli and Ermioni in the Peloponnese.
Vessels to Spetses also depart from the small port in the village of Kosta.
Right outside the new port lies a square, where visitors can admire some of the canons used during the Greek War of Independence.


The port of Dapia is small and lacks facilities. However, as it is located in a very central location and Spetses Town is not a huge settlement, almost all establishments (hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.) are found within walking distance.


Old Port (Baltiza)

The Old Harbor is located at the eastern end of Spetses Town, just 1.5 km away from Dapia. It functioned as the island's port during the past centuries but now is mainly used as a marina for sailboats, yachts, and the wooden boats of the local fishermen.


Since this tiny harbor is used by small vessels, it doesn't offer any facilities. At the same time, though, most of the island's bars and clubs are situated around it, making it the top place to go for a night out!

How to get to the ports

The capital of the island is home to the vast majority of hotels, shops, and businesses. Since it is not large in area, the distances between its points do not exceed 20 minutes of walking.

At the same time, within the town of Spetses (from Agia Marina to the Anargyrios School) cars are prohibited by law. Given that cars can only travel along the coastal road, you will inevitably need to use an alternative means of transport if your destination is not along this road.

Horse carriages are the most romantic way to get from one area to another and a unique experience everybody should try at least once during their stay. Renting a bicycle or motorbike is an option, too. Lastly, water taxis can get you from one port to the other quickly and their itineraries are very frequent during summer.