Agistri Geography

Agistri is the smallest inhabited island of Saronic and covers an area of 14 sq. km. Only 22 nautical miles from Piraeus and 3,5 nautical miles from Aegina, the closest island, Agistri is a popular destination for relaxing weekend excursions or trips. Due to the close distance with Aegina, the history of Agistri was always strongly connected to its neighboring island. The geography of Agistri is quite interesting. Due to its nice landscape and clean beaches, Agistri maintains its pure ambiance. The 1,000 people who live permanently on the island deal mostly with tourism and fishing.

Megalochori, on the northern side, is the capital of the island and Skala is its port. Limenaria, about 7 km from Megalochori, is the third settlement of the island. The coastline of Agistri has nice sandy or rocky beaches, with much greenery around it. Most beaches are small coves with crystal and blue-green water.

The most popular beach is Skala, for its sandy coast and its closeness to the port. There are also other remote beaches all around Agistri. The tallest peak on Agistri is Kontari, that rises at 245 meters above the sea altitude. The island of Agistri is sparsely populated and has many trekking paths through pine forests, small valleys, and short hills.

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