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General information

Dragonera beach Agistri: Dragonera beach can be found approximately 3 km south west of Megalochori, on the west coast of Agistri. It is in the middle of the road that connects Megalochori to Limenaria. Dragonera still remains unspoiled except for the only tavern it counts on, and the several sun beds around the area. It usually does not get very crowded, and play nice chilled music. The same road then continues south uphill and downhill, after which a glade is found.

Thanks to this road, Dragonera beach extends over 205 yards, and can be reached by taxi or bus, and then by a short walk. Another good point about this beach is the possibility of free camping* nearby; a very good option, due to the positive features of this area. One of them is the beauty of the landscape, with the pine trees surrounding this part reach the shores. (* Free camping is not allowed in Greece)

Dragonera gives the chance of enjoying the sea and the mountains at the same time. Fortunately, Agistri counts on a good variety of beaches; those who prefer more solitude have options like Dragonera beach. Its relaxed atmosphere represents very well the general vibe of the island, and usually those who enjoy walking, exploring, and experiencing nice landscapes feel very attracted to this beach.

Although many people discover Dragonera beach by chance, those visitors that count on the mentioned information can take advantage of its free camping possibilities, as well as its laid back atmosphere and great waters ideal for swimming. The fact of not getting very crowded attract those seeking for quietness, and the presence of a tavern, as well as its good connection to other points of the island thanks to its paved road avoids them from suffering deprivations. That is why Dragonera beach is one of the most representative ones of Agistri, since it reflects the most positive points of the island.

Dragonera Map

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