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Skliri beach Agistri: The beach of Skliri counts on a great landscape with crystalline waters, although it does not have the unspoiled look of beaches like Bariama or Maghisa. However, it is good to take into account that, in some areas the terrain gets rocky and a little steep.

Those who enjoy adventure will surely appreciate this beach as well the available roads in good condition leading to other beaches nearby. Skliri Beach can be reached by going left from the main town of Skala.

This area is devoted to tourism, as it counts on a good variety of facilities and good tour infrastructure, as well as a safe beach advisable for families. The pathway towards Skliri is sided by a number of beautiful houses and hotels, according to the features of Skala.

On the other hand, the settlement of Skliri is placed on the western area of Skala, and its development in terms of tourism in recent years seems to be following this same direction. Currently, it counts on modern options when it comes to accommodation and amusing places, very similar to the ones in Skala. In addition, the road from Skala to Skliri is very nice, being surrounded by a stunning landscape of green vegetation and pine trees.

Taking all these facts into account, we can conclude that the peace and privacy this beach has to offer is not related to complete seclusion and remoteness, as it belongs to a popular settlement. Although families with children tend to avoid the area because of its terrain, those who like exploring will surely enjoy the change of atmosphere. It is located 3 km south east of Megalochori.

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