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General information

Xekofti beach Agistri: Xekofti is one of the best and the closest beaches to the settlement of Megalochori. One of the best features that these places have is their picturesque landscape. This makes Agistri a popular destination for tourists who come to enjoy a perfect swimming even for one day or to spend their relaxing holidays at this small yet beautiful island of the Saronic.

The fact of being placed in the area of Megalochori is another strong point of Xekofti beach. Once leaving Megalochori, heading to the west, a very special area can be reached. This counts on a green and blue landscape, produced by the combination between the traditional pine trees, present in most areas of Agistri, and the deep blue waters of the sea.

In fact, in some parts of this area the rows of trees curve into the sea, almost reaching it, a feature that is barely impossible to find somewhere else. It is reachable by bus, however, it is good to keep in mind that beaches like Xekofti do not have any tourist facilities close. Therefore, it is important to take some provisions, like enough food and water and maybe some convenient objects, such as sunbeds and umbrellas.

The fact that the transportation means available to and from quiet places like Xekofti beach, allows to get in touch with them in an easy way, without suffering from deprivations or complicated trips. The general relaxed vibe of Agistri, however, avoids these places to get noisy, and usually they constitute a peaceful backwater in spite of being easily reachable.

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