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General information

Megalochori beach Agistri: Megalochori, also known as Mylos, is one of the four settlements on Agistri. Its beach attracts many visitors and counts on features like an incredible beauty and a silent quietness, which are reflected along the whole settlement.

In fact, Megalochori beach is usually included along with Dragonera, Aponissos, and Marisa, on the list of relaxing environments in this area.

However, in spite of being a quiet traditional settlement, Megalochori still counts on some accommodation options, such as modern hotels and villas, that obviously take advantage of the fact of its close location to this beautiful beach to promote themselves. Regarding the available facilities, Megalochori has some bars, cafes, ouzeries, and restaurants. This means that the visit to Megalochori Beach does not necessary implicate to suffer from deprivations, although it is a very peaceful place.

The stroll around this settlement is also highly recommended because it counts on picturesque stone-built houses, painted in white with clay-tiled roofs and nice yards, as well as a Culture Centre displaying important archaeological findings. That is why Megalochori is a popular area, although it keeps its traditional features, and its beach remains quiet and relaxing in spite of these facilities. In addition, this beach counts on some sandy areas that are ideal for swimming, which sometimes is hard to find on the mostly pebbled Greek beaches.

In conclusion, the great features of Megalochori beach, combined to the ones found along this settlement make this beach a great place to be included in the tours around this area, found on the eastern part of Agistri. Fortunately, the local bus service follows a route that connects Megalochori to Skala, found at just 2,5 km distance from each other.

Megalochori beach Map

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