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General information

Mariza beach Agistri: If you are looking for a beach to relax and have a quiet time, Mariza is the paradise that will satisfy every wish you may have.When people think of Mariza, they see it as a delightful rocky cove with sparkling water. The beach is located just behind the village of Limenaria, known for its golden domed church. To reach this place with its wild beauty you have to take a small footpath.

Mariza has a wonderful seabed in the very deep. This is a benefit for tourists who want crystal clean water for diving off the rocks, a really good option to appreciate the abundant and varied wildlife. As the day dawned and the sun rose, the scenery is awesome. The quiet atmosphere is marvelous, specially to organize barbecues, football matches with the friendly locals, and much more.

There are taverns that sell wonderful olive oil, made by the locals, packets of oregano, capers, figs, lemons, apricots and other spices grown on the island. Visitors may perceive the scent of all this, mixed with the breeze of the sea. As the island had been home for the hippies in the sixties it stills keeps the sixties atmosphere. And Mariza is not the exception.

If tourists follow the road down from Limenaria, they will go through land with pistachio trees and grapes, also appreciating the large salt lake, which is usually empty during high season. But even if it is empty the smell of sulfur is still very strong. It is located 5 km south west of Megalochori, the capital of Agistri.

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