Agistri Lake

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Location: Limenaria

The Lake of Agistri: Agistri has a beautiful saltwater lake that can be found on the southwest part of the island, close to Aponisos Islet. The lake is also known as “Lekani” among the locals and it is located in the village of Limenaria. It is a wetland with various species of fauna and flora, mostly during the spring season. Some of the birds you can see in the lake are kingfishers, dunlins and western yellow wagtails, while various plants are part of the rare fauna that grows around the lake, such as Torilis leptophylla, Coronilla scorpioides, and Nigella damascena.

Around Agistri’s lake, there is a path where visitors can easily walk and admire the magnificent landscape surrounded by lots of pine trees, which is also the most common landscape of the Saronic Islands in Greece. Actually, trekking is an ideal activity in this area especially for families with kids, nature lovers, and those who seek relaxation away from the hustle of the city and of everyday life.

In addition to trekking, another great activity in Lekani Lake is bicycle rides. On the island, there are some bicycle rental companies for those who would be interested in getting a bike in order to visit the lake, so there is no need to bring your own bike with you when traveling to Agistri. The lake is easily accessible since it is located on the road from Limenaria to Aponisos, and it is really close to Aponisos Beach too. Moreover, a few steps away from this place, there is a small chapel that was built to honor St. Nicholas and bears his name.



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