Mystras Geography

Mystras is an abandoned Byzantine Fortress with an interesting history, built on the slopes of Taygetos Mountain. Located amidst lush greenery and along the slopes of an abrupt mountainside, the archaeological site stands impressively above the modern village of Mystras. The greenery that surrounds Mystras is composed of pine trees and cypresses. Some small rivers and lakes are found in the region, which is great for hiking.

The Byzantine Fortress of Mystras dates from the 13th century and it was the second most important town of the Byzantine Empire, after Constantinople. Strong walls surround the old town, which had many churches, houses and a lovely Palace of Despots on top of the mountain. In fact, from there, visitors can get the most gorgeous view of the Valley of Sparta.

The geography of Mystras is pretty wild and rocky embellished by the Venetian treasures from the medieval era. Around Mystras, there are many small and traditional villages with few inhabitants. Pikoulianika, Magoula, and Trypi are few of them and they all give a full aspect of rural life in Greece. Notably, in Trypi, there is a cavern with much historical importance. This is the Cave of Ceadas, where according to the myth, the ancient Spartans used to throw their incapable children.

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