Mystras Architecture

Mystras is the best-preserved castle town in Greece which flourished during the Byzantine years as the political, military and cultural center. It owns various influences from the Greek tradition and the western world. It used to be the political, military and cultural center of the post-Byzantine era, which is why the architecture of Mystras is so impressive.

The historical city offers a beautiful journey back in time with its characteristic architecture, the art and the wall-frescoes which are found in the surviving monuments, places, and churches. In the site of the Acropolis, you can see the ruins from an ancient theatre and wall remains. A nice collection of surviving castles, monasteries and palaces revive the castle city of Mystras. The fortress at the top of the hill was built by the Franks and some additions were made from the Greeks and Turks many years later. It has two walls, three huge gates, and square-shaped towers.

The abandoned palaces of Mystras dating from the 13th and 14th century are built on rocks and consist of numerous chambers, arches, and attics. Beautiful mansions are scattered around the castle such as the known Laskaris and Frangopoulos mansions. The wall frescoes of the Byzantine churches in Mystras are examples of exceptional art found in the old remaining churches like the Cathedral of Agios Demetrios, the church of Agia Sophia, the monastery of Our Lady Pantanassa and the church of Our Lady Hodegetria.