Mystras Keadas Cavern

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Location: Trypi

Ceadas Cavern close to Mystras Peloponnese: Ceadas is a steep ravine, 10 km to the northwest of Sparta, just outside the village Trypi. It is situated on the eastern side of Mount Taygetos, at an altitude of 750m and gives a panoramic view of the valley of Sparta.

According to the historian Plutarch, this cavern is where the ancient Spartans used to throw their weak and deformed infants. As these children couldn't grow up to be healthy and strong warriors, fulfilling thus the ideal Spartan male model, they were of no use to the town so after their birth the children were thrown in that ravine.

However, in contrast to this tradition, archaeological research has revealed only bones of healthy men between 18 and 35 years old, not of young children. It is believed that these men were criminals so they were punished to die in Caedas, traitors or war prisoners who were kept there.

Today the cavern is close to visit due to rock sliding in the area. However, if you come close, you will feel a chilly breeze coming out of the cavern. The ancient Greeks believed that this breeze was the soul of the young kids who died there.



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