Mystras Festivals & Cultural Events

The peninsula of Laconia counts on many traditional festivals allowing visitors to enjoy the revival of customs and other events. Particularly in Mystras, the atmosphere is quite lively and the area attracts hundreds of visitors.

Cultural events

Paleologia Festival
Paleologia is a major festival which takes place on the 29th of May in Mystras, the day of the occupation of Constantinople from the Ottomans in 1453. This festival is dedicated to the Palaeologos family, the family of Byzantine emperors, and it includes an open speech for the memory of Constantinos Paleologos, a despot of Mystras and the last Byzantine emperor, who died in 1453 defending Constantinople.

Sainopoulio Festival
Sainopoulio Festival takes place in a theatre between Mystras and Sparti. This festival takes place every summer in the Sainopoulio Theatre and includes theatre performances, musical concerts, and other artistic events.

Trade Market
From August 27th to September 2nd, there is a trade market with local products in Mystras. This event, which has deep roots in the past, is one of the oldest fairs in Peloponnese and gets very popular.