Kyparissia Geography

Kyparissia is a lovely seaside town on the southwestern side of Peloponnese, in the westernmost peninsula. This small town with the long history overlooks the Gulf of Kyparissia and stretches from the slopes of a hill above the town till the sea. Kyparissia is divided into two towns: the Old Town, a traditional town that surrounds the castle, and the New Town, from the foot of the hill till the beach, which has modern buildings and ample squares.

Although Kyparissia is a seaside town, it is surrounded by high mountains and much greenery. Small, traditional villages with great views to the sea are located on the mountain slopes around Kyparissia. Such is the village Aetos, at an altitude of 400m, with lush vegetation and beautiful water springs.

The geography of Kyparissia stands out for its breathtaking characteristics. The region is home to some of the finest beaches in Peloponnese. Starting north from Kalo Nero and Memi and head in the south to Terpsithea, there are clean and sandy beaches. Although sometimes they are affected by strong winds, these beaches are generally very safe for swimming and shallow.

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