Kyparissia Festivals & Cultural Events

There are various festivals taking place in Kyparissia throughout the year.

Religious feasts & festivals

Holy Trinity
A three-day celebration takes place in Kyparissia every year for the feast of the Holy Trinity. This feast is movable (50 days after Easter) and is usually celebrated in June. On this day, the icon of the Holy Trinity from the church of Holy Trinity, in the Old Town of Kyparissia, is transferred to the church of Agios Athanasios in the modern town of Kyparissia.

September 14th
On September 14th, there are the celebrations of the Holy Cross in Kyparissia. These celebrations last for one week and also include book fairs, theatre performances, and concerts.

Cultural events

Orka Festival
The Orka festival is held every year in Armenioi village, on the second weekend of August. Free orka dishes are offered to visitors with traditional dancing in the village square.

Cultural August
The Cultural August are events that take place in Kyparissia during the month of August. They include cinema and theatre performances, art exhibitions, sports events, book fairs, musical concerts, and other events.