Kyparissia Architecture

The picturesque seaside town of Kyparissia, in southwestern Greece, combines a varied and attractive scenery with the sea and the mountain views. The whole area is surrounded by beautiful green hills and long sandy beaches, amongst them, there are many archaeological monuments. The traditional town of Kyparissia carries a long history mostly for its strategic location which attracted many conquerors of that time, as it is witnessed by its expressive architecture.

The long history has left many spots on the architecture of Kyparissia. It flourished greatly during the Hellenistic period and one of the structures that still survive from the Byzantine years is the medieval castle encircled by a cluster of traditional houses, splendid mansions and beautiful quarters. Today, the well-developed town is divided into two parts. The Upper Town, the traditional settlement and the Lower town, known as the modern part of Kyparissia.

In the historical settlement, you will see the old remaining monuments and fine buildings like the Castle and the square of Arkadia overshadowed by the huge plane tree, the fountains at the entrance of the fortress, the Public Spa and the cobbled streets. The modern settlement concentrates a great number of tourists with several stores and restaurants overlooking the bay.

Visitors can enjoy their stay in many of the traditional hotels that have respected the traditional architecture.